Monday, September 28, 2009

Importance of Color Selection

Color is one of the important elements in graphic design. In the science of art, color can represent the emotions of the work so that the message of these works can be more easily accepted by the audience. Elements of color in graphic design also has the function. The easiest example is the color analogy to things around us. For example; clouds = area = light blue, sun = bright = yellow, Wood = ancient, classical = brown, Fire = fire, spirit = red.

When designing a work, we often had difficulty determining the color that matches the theme or the desired impression. Here are tips I have to choose colors, hopefully can help.

1. Prepare the theme and the desired impression to the design. Is memorable classic, modern, natural, or the other depending on your needs.

2. Look for illustrations or photos that match your theme. Shots can be your own photos, or free image such as Stock Exchange.
3. Take some sample colors from photos / illustrations that you selected earlier.

4. Arrange your design using the design software you have. Corel Draw, Photoshop or similar software.

5. Fantastic use these colors for your design, starting from the header, headline, background.

6. Try some alternatives to the composition of color.

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