Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hack Youtube account

Hack Youtube account by Youtube Freezer:

Hack Youtube account by Youtube Freezer:
1. Download Youtube Freezer - software to hack Youtube account.

2. Unzip the zipped file in downloaded file using Winzix (free download here) to get Youtube Freezer to hack youtube account.

3. Now, run the unzipped file and you will see something like this:

4. From drop down box, select Youtube. Simply enter the username whose you want to hack youtube account and hit "Freeze".

5. Youtube Freezer will start constant login attempts and thus freeze that Youtube account. To stop freezing, hit Stop Freezing or close the youtube hacking software - Youtube freezer.

You will require to have Winzix to get Youtube Freezer. Download Winzix here.

This is how you can use Youtube hacking software - youtube freezer to hack youtube account. If you were searching for " how to hack youtube account ", i hope this article on how to hack youtube account will stop your search. If you have any problem in using this youtube freezer to hack youtube account, mention it in comments section.

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