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Google PageRank

In the world of blogging, one of the most hunted size of the bloggers is pagerank. If the blog has a high pagerank they will be proud of themselves. Because in the eyes of Google, blogs they are considered more 'important'. Pagerank be one of the most desirable measure because it removed the Google search engine that in fact the most widely used internet users.

Well let us croak all things about Google PageRank.

What is pagerank?
Maybe some colleagues already knew that pagerank. But there's nothing wrong when I review some sense pagerank for colleagues who can understand others better.

PageRank is a link analyzer algorithm to determine the level of importance of a blog / web site in Google's eyes. The word "page" itself comes from the name of one of the founders of Google, Larry Page. Scale used numbers from 1 to 10. The greater the number, it is considered more important by Google.

One way Google determines pagerank is to consider the incoming link (incoming link). For example as I do on the Side by placing a link to the blog My Brother Ary. For Ary, the link is a link inside. Was for dj-site.blogspot.com an outbound link. To put it simply could mean, Google is assessing if dj-site.blogspot.com give "voice" to the blog punk-in-betawi.blogspot.com. The more incoming link is received, Google will increasingly take into account the pagerank blog.

And besides the quantity of links, Google also assess the quality of giving "voice". For the avid PageRank, that the above is usually avoided. Why? Because the blog that his pagerank higher provide a link to his pagerank lower. Or in other words, blogs pagerank lower his reputation in the eyes lifted Google, but that his pagerank higher will be captured.

But so far I am not too concerned about it. Most importantly for me, as long as links are linked to provide additional information or giving information for visitors, it was far more important.

What is the use PageRank?
According to some sources, the higher the pagerank of your blog, search engine robots will more quickly come to your blog. That means the latest postings will appear more quickly on search engines. Pagerank blog is also important for competing in the keywords that the competition level high.

In addition, a high pagerank hunted by those who seek money from blogs by selling links or paid review program. Blog to high pagerank will usually easier to follow these programs and get a higher rate. Still to do with reaching revenue from blogs, blogs pagerank to be used as commodities to be traded.

How do I to up My PageRank?

Finally, my message, do not be too concerned pagerank. Because sooner or later, you are correct ACTION origin, your blog must have pagerank increases. Because Google did not update the pagerank every day, but on average within 3-4 months. More than that, but not all indicators of measurement known pagerank, I'm sure measurement pagerank algorithm will also continue to grow and change.

This may be quite surprising for some people, because, last time Google pagerank update is the end of May. But, in fact, on this day, precisely on June 24, 2009, Google did update again. Total if the count, the gap between the 2 updates did not sampe 1 month hehee ... Fortunately, almost all the blogs that I manage not to change. Instead there are several new domains that rose from N / A to PR 3.

And What Now Being Warm Material Inter Pembincangan expert SEO / Master PageRank
For More Research On Kontoversi In Here:

Google have updated the PageRank

Large manufacturers have been Mencetus tsb June 24, 2009 Decision Sprti this ....

Google Spider / Index Engines Google only index page Weblog / wordpress / Web With Personal domain, Just in Time Less More berries 0:25 Second / seconds to index a total ...
After That The Machine Google's Leaving Home Weblog / wordpress / Web with personal berdomain to index other web page ....

Severe…”Serem BangeT Ye hhee”

Well To Solusi'a Can Find At The baik2,

According to this expert / Master SEO / PageRank The roaming the world luna maya ^ _ ^ hhaa….

To Increase PageRank, Self 7 Ways ....

1. The Most Important List Weblog / Personal Domain Web With Google Webmaster Tools To ....

2. After that, Set Meta Tag Settings, choose Resource Persons Meta Tags What you believe, That Sah'a Playlists Meta Tags It is many and surely another 1 different - different ..... , Select 1 of the many Meta Tags The Circulating on the Internet, And Why Do Gunta - Change Settings Meta Tags, Except On Left To Give Grace Mengganti'a, Boss When You've Install Meta Tag Options You, And Then You Want Mengganti'a , change the After 3Bulan Then, after the new CHANGE ..... Your Meta Tags , It Aims To Engine Index With Google Meta Tag confusion Mu Yang In Gunta - Change, And of course destroy your image Weblog / Personal Web Berdomain ....

3. After that .... List of weblog / website with personal domain to some bookmarking social networking ... , Contoh'a register to infogue.com, berita.com traffic, etc.
after the list on the web they will be, just is tell all your posts there,.

4. Promote your blog to your colleague can email, or face 2 face, the most effective way to promote your blog through blogwalking,,,,

5. as often as you to comment on the weblog / website with personal domain with high pagerank,

Important Note To Provide comments to avoid spam:

A. Give Comments What to do with the post you will provide comments,

B. After that, Do not See What You Give Comment Doubles With the same time / Grace Time 5 Minutes, The Meaning, do not give comments on the posts that you have provided comments for the second time in the Same posts you've provided comments,

C. Give Distance Left To Give Comment, Let's say you give Komen On A Blog, 5 Minutes Gives You then koment In Blog B And Seterus'a, Give Distance approximately 10-15 Minutes To Your Giving koment, The TSB will result in weblogs / Web With Private Domain Spam Will Call In By Search Engine (Google) Automatic This would result in you .... Worst Start ,

The Most Important:
6. Reproduce posts input Link Home Weblog / web domain Personal, It Will Make Spider / engine Google to index all posts .... What You Start

Note To Put Link Posted:

A. Do not Menaro posts the same link, Suppose your posts put Links With Titles "Rose" on the left Sidebar section, then you put that links back to the right sidebar, this result, you'll Page Weblog considered duplicate links, Which Will Make SPAM In By Engine Google on the index ... , Possible Weblog / web with a personal domain Will Never In The Machine Google's Index ....

B. Try Making links in tsb, Js Linker Do not Use ... , For example, you may Lazy to Make Link 1 per 1 posts, therefore you make ... Automatically posts links ... ,
Was caused by engine Google Will Switch Link tsb posts before indexing ... this will slow the engine google to index ....
The way the program wearing Disallow By Anyone, It would be better if you make posts links Manually ....

By For It .... We must pintar2 Overcoming this problem ....

By For It, Many-bayaklah posts in menaro Links Home, As a reference, Can Look At My Blog .... , On the Main page of my blog, stout posts Once Link2 .....
hihihihihihi .........

7. It was only after that your Exchange Link / Banner Link .... Fellow Users Blog / Wordpress / Web With Private Domain ..... ,
Exchange Link / Banner Link Not Just What must “BerPageTinggi” .... “BerpageRendah” was not so long as the problem “BerpageRendah” been indexed by Google, It's More Than Enough ....

I get Formula To Exchange Banners / Links:

G = L x BL Mu Square = Point 3
While Point'a Only To Link 1

G = Google
L = Link
BL = Banner Link

There Highest Point In Banner Link .... ,
Because, In addition to your links indexed Banner Mupun So will the Pampang On Image Search Engines / Google Image ....

To check your posts on the Google index Try this tool Make http://www.seoserp.com/web_tools/google_top_1000_serps_checker.asp

Also can Make It ....

A. Copy of your posts ..... Title
B. Then paste the Google search engine
C. Then Look, Is It In Title Postingan Pampang The Google Search Engine ....

And See, the title of your posts on Copy TSB, Located In What Order
Hopefully Helpful

Salam "Kentut",

By: Indie_Design

So, keep happy ACTION!

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WaH NgeRi juga Ya kLo gtu, Pantez bLOg gw ga masuk-masuk, ntaR gw ikutin dah saran'y thanx

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To : Anonim
Ya Se'tau gw C gitu....
Thanx Udh MampiR..


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