Monday, October 19, 2009

Display beautify Windows XP and Windows Vista Ala 7

Just Want to love some info about a great application called ya Thoosje Windows 7 Sidebar, Sidebar is actually the designation for the Windows OS 7, but the conversion by Thoosje so can be installed and in use for the user OS Windows XP & Vista, consisting of a number of gadgets that may very useful to colleagues after reading what the gadget is provided:

This gadget can be met at the Sidebar Thoosje Windows 7:

Calendar Gadget: To see the day, month and year.

Gadget Clock: The clock with a striking skins.

Cpu & Ram Display Gadget: Calculating the amount of RAM memory and CPU time used on the computer.
Search Gadget: You do not need to open the browser to find info on Yahoo!, Google or MSN as well enough with this gadget, then the results will appear in a new browser sheets!

Hard Disk Gadget: Shows how much the rest of the hard disk that has not been in use or that you have used.

System uptime Gadgets: Displays the last time you restart your computer.
Wifi Gadget: Showing the power of your Internet signal, suitable for laptops and computers with wireless Internet connection.
Internet traffic Gadgets: Displays IP Address and also displays a large KBS sebarap incoming and outgoing.

Media Player Gadget: If you want to set a song, simply use this gadget, and play - skip - or repeated, because all the necessary functions of Media Player on offer.
Recycle bin Gadget: If your recycle bin is full, you can find out, once empty easily.

RSS Gadgets: With this gadget you can follow the news and updates from your favorite site or blog simply insert rss feed from your website / blog are into it.

RSS Help Gadget: To create a menu on the RSS Feed.

Weather Gadget: To know the weather of the city where you live or wherever, simply enter the zip code of the city, it would appear the weather.

Picture slider: As hiasaan, where you can select the folder containing the images, for display on the sidebar.

Nich Screen Shot From Thoosje Sidebar Windows 7:

Didseain initially Sreensaver to protect computer monitors from Phosphor burn-in, he had a program like any other programs installed in computers, with special characteristics will appear as blank pages, the Windows logo, animated in the absence of any activity on the computer for a few time.
Over time the screensaver display more varied and attractive, not only as a program to protect the monitor from Phosphor burn-in, but look at the designs with a variety of styles.
Likewise screensaver for Windows 7, the OS will officially reply in the October 22 release date is later, this screensaver can be downloaded and installed on the OS Windows XP and Vista, so if someone wants to have a screensaver of Windows 7 on a computer please go to the following address:
Want to try ? Please Download Screensaver Windows 7 Disini

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