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Tips and Logo Design Objectives

Logo is the icon that represents something, and as a symbol that can explain briefly about the brand image of a product or company. With the logo of a company will have its own brand which will be known by the public in this case consumers. Therefore please note that the logo has and carry out an objective, namely:

1. Mark-Ing interpreted form
To do this interpretation is usually a designer to use analog theory to represent the form in question. Form which is usually taken from the name of something objects (corporate or product) which made its logo.

2. Eye-Catching
A logo design will have more value if you have eye-catching element. With so many pictures on display, both at the outlet, bookstore, or a stack of business cards, if the logo is able to attract more dominant than the pictures or other forms?

To be able to create a logo design is eye-catching is not easy. There are several things that must be considered. Began to target markets, the characteristics of the intended audience, or media that will be used, and so on. But this can be learned, and requires hours of high flying.

One of the elements on which to make a design has eye-catching is a unique concept. Apart form the mark-ing the unique shape also became one of the requirements of a logo design able to seize the audience's attention. There are a lot of symbol that can be used to interpret an object, but the actual number of alternative options have one or one of two more eye-catching. From the basic form of a logo design can actually be added cosmetic (to borrow a fashion term) or supporting ornaments, a form of nature as a sweetener. Also because of its cosmetic here only as a sweetener, it is not so dominant power. Form which can be selected as the cosmetic form of a round, square, square, triangle, or just a curved line.

3. Trend
Logo development more or less influenced by the trend, such as trends in the fashion world. Trend appreciation here represents the dynamics of the shape of the logo itself. As we know in early 2000, the trend for developing a logo that is a digital form, which form more here represented by the line and dot (point). This refers to the era of fast-growing IT at the beginning of the year. Where many of the forms which represent the world of IT to trade mark logos are born at that time. Starting from the concept of fonts to matrix effects of major influence on the birth process logos.

Actual trend is identical to the influenza epidemic that spread with no known origin. Affect each other and have the incubasi. Sometimes circular or recurrent nature, which the old concept back into the new trend. Many factors caused this trend, which all derive from the external. Because of symptoms that can occur around us, such as fashion, TV, system, politics, etc..

In the era of the 70s, the design of more use to interpret the details of an object. Design a logo that is much use of its detailed illustrations (original approach). Probably exactly the flow of naturalists, it affects the design concepts logos are born at that time. Then in the era of the 90's, logo design concept changed to a more simple. Detailed form of objects that are no longer used to interpret a logo. Lebihcenderung design is minimalist. And in the era of the 2000 development of more complex changes than the form of coloring as well (full color) to be very minimalist in here. Color - the color used in the logos that were born in this era tend to use solid colors and impressive minimalist color, other than the line and dot forms. Perhaps a more appropriate term for this is the era-Clipart.

In addressing the trend, there are things that can be used as reference in designing a design, whether as a trend follower? or as a creator of trends?, or rather we remain solid in our designs unique atmosphere. It's up to the designers to position the design. Certainly the trend is one of appreciation for the dynamics of a development. As long as we see it as something positive then we will have a value-added insights and broader ideas. And vice versa, if we see it as a barrier so we can not accept the shortcomings of our design is more proportional.

Additional tips
You can find examples of logos - the famous logo of a company as an additional insight and inspiration that is by using Google's service with the Keyword / Keyword: Corporate Logo, Logo Designer, Company Logo.

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