Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Creating the logo of the game characters

Logo is a symbol designed to represent the character and the identity of a company, institution or product. Logo consists of two parts namely logogram (icons, visual symbol), and the logotype (initials, company name in text form). Logogram be formed from the initials of the game characters. Here are tips and tricks to make the logo of the game characters.
1. Combining the two parallel lines.

2. Cut off part of the letter.

3. Combine several different types of letters.

4. Giving ornaments on the letter.

5. Connecting lines between letters.

6. Good luck and experiment.....

3 komentar:

Jasa Pembuatan Tas said...

Hha Udh Lama Nie bru K'Luar lagi Tutor desainnya.....
yang banyak apa kLo Ng'Post...hhee

DJ Site | Blogger Serabutan said...

Okeh daH Siip Sob Thnx 4 Coment,..

sbo said...

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