Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How To Increase Google Ranking

1. Create a unique title and the most highly sought

When writing the post title, try to place yourself as a person who wants to find information about what you write. For example if we want to write something about "Batik" then place yourself first as a person who needs information about it. Rarely people who only write one or two words in the search engines. For education the average person would type the word "origin of Javanese batik" or "the development of batik art" and for those who want to buy batik, they would type "The price of batik Java" and not just the word "batik" course.

Choosing keywoard as above is not enough. Because if our blog is relatively new blog will be very difficult to compete with the established blogs. So when we find a suitable title and thought to be searched by many people it is time to check whether a title that we will create many In google already or not? If you're still a bit then that is a great opportunity for us to come there. but if it was a lot better if we replace with a more unique.

2. Post Quality Notice

At this point I'm probably also very far from success as to make a good post and pulled it requires skill and a lot of flight hours. The better the content of posts, the more interested people to visit your blog again. And usually the people who are interested in the postings that you serve, then they will recommend our blog on his friends. Logically, if our blog was becoming known so many people besides increasing alexa rank well on google trust our blogs, the greater was the result of our blog will be the main priority:)

3. Never Too Much Displays and Accessories Ads on Blog

The more applications that we display the more severe the pageload blog. Display what is most important among the important. By reducing the appearance javascript or advertisements on the homepage automatically pageload be light and outlink be reduced. Because there are several theories stating that if the links in more than link popularity of blogs out then we will be increasing.

4. Maximizing Permalink

In order to prefer google blog we will change your URL format of the figure to be almost the same as the title of your post. For example if your URL format is still like this format the fox has become such a -part-2.html

5. Comments and blogwalking Benefits Activities

By leaving comments on other blogs of course we will also get backlinks, improve social relationships, also provides additional keywoard for the master blog. So we're lucky and that comment was a profit. But never, ever do because it could be spaming you will be directly the blacklist.

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